Chantez au Seigneur un chant nouveau, chantez
Editions Emmanuel
Paroles et musique : M. Et M. -F. Penhard
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  • Ref: 06-06-02
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    Re. It doesn't work in English'I and a small congregation of only mosedt singers have been using the new chants, or some of them, on a daily basis for over a year now. My considered view is that the shorter ones work better: that is the English Kyrie, Sanctus, Mystery of Faith (1st option) and Agnus Dei.The Gloria, if sung at dirge pace all through, will guess what? sound like a dirge. It can be improved by speed and responsorial chanting. I think we agree that it is repetitive. Psallite' have good settings of both Gloria and Credo which in my experience are more cheerful than the Missal settings.Paul Inwood's observations above about the difference between Latin and English accentuation are serious points. I am not a professional musician, but the setting of the 1549 Prayer Book Communion Service by John Merbecke is a good example of a constructive relationship between text and chant, even if it is sung to resemble plainsong, which may not have been the original intention. I'd recommend it. The Kyrie can be adapted, the Sanctus is the same text as our current one and the Agnus Dei will work with little adaptation. I'd like to see someone try adapting the Gloria and Credo.Alan Griffiths.

    f1ixc4VihUH - 10/08/2014

Chantez au Seigneur un chant nouveau, chantez