Magnify the lord
Editions Emmanuel
Paroles et musique : Communauté de l'Emmanuel (H.-R. Tiacoh)
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  • Ref: 17-41
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Paroles et musique : Chants de l´Emmanuel (H.-R. Tiacoh) (N°17-41)

R.Magnify the Lord,
Now and forever more.
Bless his holy name
For all eternity.

Soliste :
Jesus, Lord Jesus, you are the way
You are my hope.
In my darkness your cross gives me light
And nothing will ever separate me from your love.
´Cause you are our king,
You guide our way,
Lord of our lives,
We praise your name!

© 2007, Éditions de l´Emmanuel, 89, boulevard Blanqui - 75013 PARIS
Magnify the lord