Song book app: He is alive!
Song book app: He is alive!  The entire He is alive! songbook available at last for smartphone and tablet in this 2018 EDITION app! 

Discover the Emmanuel song register, from the oldest songs to the very latest compositions, as also songs of other communities and movements, for the animation of your prayer groups, your celebrations or your personal prayer. 

You will find:
- the lyrics of the songs
- the corresponding chords
- the page number of the physical songbook and the music sheet number.
- the available translations in different languages for each song 

Optimize your searches thanks to the search by category of the songbook (praise, hope and trust, Mary, etc.), by page of the physical songbook, or by song title. 

For better use, discover the tools proposed by the app:
- the first note of each song
- the possibility to show the chords on the left side or the right side of the lyrics
- the possibility to interpose the chorus between each verse
- NEW : save your favourite songs in the category "Favourites"!  

Discover also the Emmanuel song repertoire in other languages: 
· The French songbook "Il est vivant" 
· The Dutch songbook "Hij leeft" 
· The Spanish songbook "Él está vivo"  
· The Italian songbook "È vivo" 
· The Polish songbook "On zyje" 
· The Czech songbook "On je živý" 
· The Chinese songbook  
· The Portuguese songbook "Ele está vivo" 
· The Brazilian songbook "Ele está vivo" 
· The Ukrainian songbook 
· The German songbook "Er lebt"


Available on Google Play and in the App Store

Song books in other languages still to come.
Song book app: He is alive!